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 Catalytic Services Co. provide specialty and custom made fiberglass filter bags used in catalytic distillation process in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries that are being put to use around the world.  Proudly made products in the USA.  

We offer variety of fiberglass products and custom specifications to meet our customers requirement at the best quality and service through out the world.   

Catalytic distillation (CD), also known as "heterogeneous reactive distillation," unites catalytic reaction and product separation in a single multifunctional reactor. In this reactive separation process, all steps proceed simultaneously, allowing the manufacturer to save on time, energy, reactants, pumps, piping and instrumentation. Compared to most conventional manufacturing processes, CD offers better conversion and product selectivity, plus longer catalyst lifetime. A typical CD reactor consists of a rectifying zone on top, a reaction zone in the middle and a stripping zone at the bottom.

Fiberglass Fabric


We carry all types of fiberglass fabric cloths and ready to ship.

Fiberglass Filter Bags


Custom made fiberglass catalytic filter bags custom made.


Catalytic Fiberglass Filter Bags


Custom made Catalytic fiberglass filter bags used in catalytic distillation process in chemical, petrochemical & refining industries.

Fiberglass or E-glass Fabric


This fiberglass fabric (plain or twill) is flame retardant, electrical insulation, high temperature, tensile strength, resin penetration fast, fabric design characteristics. This products are being used to in industries such as electrical and electronic, sports equipment, aerospace, military, transportation, chemical engineering, construction and environmental protection and many other fields. 

3-D Fiberglass Fabric


 3D three-dimensional hollow fabric from two surfaces layer and the middle of the glass fiber yarn composed of the overall fiberglass three-dimensional fabric, thickness of 3-30mm. Fiber density and fiber thickness can be designed according to customer requirements, core layer Z fiber space form can be designed according to the use of composite materials.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Sewing Thread


 High-temperature-resistant sewing thread is high-quality alkali-free fiberglass yarn produced by a specific process into the line, through the treatment of organic matter, after the treatment of the yarn more smooth, soft, wear-resistant and folding better, with high temperature, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent performance.

Fiberglass Tape


 Made from fiberglass yarn, which has certain heat resistance and insulation, main high-speed woven fabrics, according to fabric structure.   Excellent insulating material, mainly used in motor, Transformers, communication cables and electrical equipment, such as lashing, is also a good fiberglass base material.  

Fire Blanket


 The fire blanket has a close structure and high temperature resistance, can protect the object from the heat and spark zone, and completely prevent the combustion or isolation of combustion.  It is being used in shipbuilding industry on the structure and repair of ships, can also be used in petrochemical enterprises for metal structures such as insulation, insulation and need to weld the place, showing a good protection adaptability. Fire blanket is suitable for hot work in large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other places of public entertainment: such as welding, cutting and blocking, and the safety of human life.

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